Our boutique

Bienvenue! Welcome! Our shop is open year-round! We are located at the entrance of the historic site and tourist area known as “La Grave”, on Havre-Aubert Island, one of the Magdalen Islands.

To cross the threshold at Les Artisans du Sable’s shop is to enter a welcoming and magical sand kingdom. Youngsters play and grown-ups marvel, each seeing sand in a whole new light.

Our boutique could also be referred to as a museum, a studio, a gallery, and a craft shop. We serve many functions.We house an impressive sand collection from around the world and visitors may learn fascinating information about the nature of sand. Children may play in our indoor sandbox. We encourage you to feel at home and linger among our displays.

Since 2001, our enterprise has been a proud member of the Economusee Network, an organization that showcases traditional trades and skills. As a result, we also feature the stages of development of our craft. You may see how a mass of compressed sand is transformed, step-by-step, into a sculpted final product.

We also offer the work of other talented Magdalen artists: Isoline Vallee’s blown glass, Majorie Lapierre’s coloured glass jewellery, and Martin Fiset’s painted canvasses.

During summer, outside our boutique-if weather permits, you may watch a sand castle building demonstration hosted by one of our artisans. Learn the tricks and techniques that will enable you to build your own beach castle. You may even sign up on this site to join the famous “Concours de Chateaux de Sable des Iles”, the international sand castle building competition held in August on a Magdalen beach, and impress everyone with your skills! Visit our facebook page to know the demonstration schedule!

Finally, if you managed to leave our wonderful Islands without purchasing one of our coveted sand creations or you now want that special gift, scroll through our on-line shop catalogue and place your order. Sand crafts travel well!